June 24th, 2019

Lessons learned in data use and knowledge management: Presentation at the 2019 QS Edudata Summit in London, England

DPM Research partners Victoria Díaz and Pierre Mercier, in collaboration with Boris Isla Molina (Universidad Católica de Temuco) and Ilse Gutiérrez (Universidad de Concepción), recently presented at the 2019 QS Edudata Summit on their work “Implementing recommended strategies to improve data use and knowledge management: Lessons learned.” The conference, held this year in London, England, brings educators and scientists in data together to share best practices, build networks, and explore intersections of education, big data, and analysis.

Higher education institutions face increasing demands for data analysis that supports internal management, external regulatory requirements, and public relations. In response to this consistent need, DPM Research developed a multidimensional framework to help understand the scope, depth, functions, and development patterns across knowledge management activities in higher education. Assessing higher education activities within the context of this knowledge management framework can help education institutions strengthen their ability to respond to these demands and identify strategic priorities.

Specifically, their presentation explored the motivation behind their recommendations from a nationwide study of knowledge and information management in Chile in 2016-2017. Two years after this study, they are looking at how these recommendations were operationalized at two institutions and how these actions have improved collaboration within the institution. Integrating data and information into day-to-day decision-making in higher education requires strategic priorities and clear institutional policies and their presentation will explore how formalizing current initiatives and introducing innovative approaches can help ensure data is being used effectively across institutions.