November 2nd, 2017

Measuring the competencies of institutional research

This framework guided a recent assessment of a nation-wide postsecondary system. It describes six competencies required for effective knowledge management in IR. Each competency can be assessed on five-point scale indicating its level of development. The framework specifies that exercising competencies in more sectors and for more functions also represents further development because each addition entails a more comprehensive expertise. The measuring instrument can be useful to Directors of IR and Senior Administrators. Another advantage of the measure is that it can be used for comparisons of individual institutions to peer groups, across types of institutions, and at the regional or international levels.

If you would like to perform an assessment using this innovative approach, do not hesitate to contact us.

Díaz, V.E., Mercier, P., Pinsent, C. (2017). A knowledge management framework for institutional research. In J. Huisman & M. Tight (Eds.), Theory and Method in Higher Education Research, Vol 3, pp. 155-179.

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