October 26th, 2015

Presentation at the Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association

Victoria Díaz and Pierre Mercier travelled to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to present DPM Research’s work on Maturity Models in the Context of Institutional Research at the annual conference of the Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association. 

In this paper, we build on existing maturity models to assess IR functions, academic analytics and organizational capacity (Bauer & Norris, 2013; Bichsel, 2012; Taylor et al., 2013) to propose a self-assessment approach to help IR practitioners identify the level of maturity they have attained, the opportunities for further development, as well as the drivers for such development and barriers that may be faced. It takes into consideration not only the theoretical work on organizational maturity levels, but also empirical evidence from IR as a field. This approach will provide practitioners with a useful tool to identify priorities in terms of investments and focus areas that would meet the requirements of their organization and context. The approach will also help practitioners identify areas where changes in organizational culture is required in order to advance their development plans.