February 28th, 2019

Where in the World is DPM Research?

February did not take DPM partner Victoria very far from home, but sometimes meaningful learning opportunities happen just around the corner. Victoria attended the 2019 Canadian Evaluation Society’s Annual Learning Event (CES-ALE) organized by Ottawa’s CES Local Chapter on February 26, 2019. Panelists, presenters and participants approached the conference theme of “Inclusion and Diversity in Evaluation” from multiple angles. Existing barriers to inclusion, methods to measure diversity, and current practices were some of the topics broached.

The theme meshed nicely with the pre-conference workshop on Mixed Methods led by Dr. Jennifer C. Greene, a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois. Understanding a complex issue such as diversity and inclusion calls for various and innovative ways to construct, compile and analyze data. As Dr. Greene highlighted, it is also possible to be inclusive with social research methods, respecting their differences and their potential contributions, and bringing their various insights to evaluation work. Filled with mingling opportunities with colleagues (and fantastic treats!), these two days left Victoria with food for thought aplenty, both for method and practice.