Your Results

Your Results

Participating institutions will receive both an executive report and a detailed report from this analysis. The executive report focuses on the level of competency development for each organizational sector, including a comparison with peer institutions. The data compiled from the questionnaire results will be summarized and presented in radar charts. From these, your institution can easily identify the level of development for each IR function and, when data from peers is available, these charts help to visually benchmark your office’s activities against other groups. This is an excellent opportunity to identify gaps and areas for improvement.


In the illustrative example, the fictitious institution receives a development level 3 in the competency designing reports. This indicates that the IR office is at the stage of standardizing its processes. If it compared itself to a peer group received a developmental score of 5, the level characterized by innovative processes, this office could decide that it should further develop this competency by supporting it with more resources.

A sample executive report is available here.

The detailed report will assess and evaluate:

  • The level of development your office reached in each IR competency
  • The presence or absence of supporting resources
  • The perceived usefulness and relevance of the information produced by IR offices. 

This detailed report will include frequency distributions for the supporting resources and the perceived usefulness and relevance of the information produced. It will also include comparisons of the office’s assessment with that of participating stakeholders, as well as with peer institutions. In addition, this report provides tables with the breakdown of the different components used to calculate the level of development attained in each of the competencies. These tables will help to organize the process of identifying gaps. Going back to the items in the questionnaire that correspond to the development levels indicated in the radar charts of the executive report would help identify an action plan from these results.

A sample detailed report is available here.