February 22nd, 2019

Celebrating 40 Years: EAIR Reflections and Experiences

In celebration of its 40-year anniversary, the European Higher Education Society (EAIR) has recently published a volume of personal reflections on its work in institutional research (IR). The collection highlights a rich variety of experiences from EAIR members, from its founding partners to relatively new association members.

DPM partner, Pierre Mercier, was pleased to contribute his piece “Experiences and Reflections: Global Institutional Research” to the anniversary collection. His early interests in institutional research echo EAIR’s mission to connect research with practice and, building on this foundation, his piece outlines the role of hypothesis testing in IR, the importance of evidence-based decisions and policy making, and the globalization of IR. As EAIR works to extend and cross boundaries in higher education, both in content and in geography, Mercier reflects on the work done by its members to support these efforts.  

Read Pierre’s piece below (pg. 33) and take a look at the work from other EAIR contributors in this milestone volume.