January 15th, 2016

Presentation at the Joint Heads of Institutional Research (HIR) College group and the Council on University Planning and Analysis (CUPA) meeting, Toronto, Ontario

Victoria Díaz and Pierre Mercier presented A framework to assess and promote institutional research capabilities at first joint meeting of the Heads of Institutional Research (HIR) at Ontario Colleges and the Council on University Planning and Analysis (CUPA) meeting in Toronto. Institutional research (IR) has evolved from its early role of producing descriptive data reports to becoming an active participant in organizational decision-making (Swing, 2009), driving research endeavours for the timely identification of challenges and opportunities (Delaney, 2009) as well as leading a culture of evidence and knowledge management (Huynh, Gibbons, & Vera, 2009). In this presentation, we discuss previously proposed models of IR maturity (Bichsel, 2012; Taylor, Hanlon, & Yorke, 2013) and propose an alternative view that distinguishes activities from functions, areas of interest and resources, to facilitate the assessment of maturity levels and to identify opportunities for further development.