The Process

What is the process?

Our broad experience in project management and evaluation methodologies ensures that each stage of TIRSA is streamlined in its processes and effective in its outcomes. While the TIRSA questionnaire remains the same for each assessment, we work closely with your institution throughout the entire process to tailor its implementation to your office’s needs.


We will work closely with your institution to bring all participants on board. This stage includes:

  • Identifying participants and compiling contact information.
  • Coordinating a communications plan.


Participants will complete the assessment, thinking through a range of IR competencies and functions, indicating how they relate to the activities of your office. This stage includes:

  • Completing the online self-assessment questionnaire.


We will provide your office with an executive and a detailed report that will assess IR competency strengths, identify gaps, and provide you with a basis for actionable improvements. This report will also include a benchmark component.